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Legal Cannabis Kit Pro *

5 Grow pods
3 Nutrients capsules
Professional legal cannabis growing profile (Included for first growth only)
Activated carbon filter
3 Boosters
Enhanced growing tips
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*DISCLAIMER: The Linfa Legal Cannabis Kit has been conceived solely to enable growing a legal variety of Cannabis, from certified seeds as having a THC concentration lower than 0.2% and only for the uses permitted by the law; this variety is the Finola. Be careful: the legality of cultivation of this variety has been assessed only in Italy and at the time of publication of this web page. Please check what is legal to grow in your country, if anything. Only certain varieties of plants can be grown in Linfa, they must have the following characteristics: autoflowering, indoor height < 70 cm, life cycle 8-9 weeks. We remind you that the use of substances containing THC even in low concentration could be dangerous for your health, in particular if protracted, and that (in Italy) producing or selling inflorescences or resins is not permitted, please check local laws. We do not represent nor warranty that this Linfa Kit can be legally used in your Country.