Linfa Weezy

Personal grow box, with style

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500+ Happy Growers

Yes, It works.

No green thumb needed!

With this device..

Plug the Linfa grow box, connect it to your Wi-Fi network and put your seeds on the grow pod: in 10 min. you start your cultivation.

..and your phone

Choose the right digital growing profile on the Linfa app and follow our smartphone notifications: you will be a pro grower before you know it. get these results

You will get your perfect blooming plants all year around, ready every two months.

Hassle free!

With the Linfa app your growing experience is fully automated.

From seed to harvest.

Less is more!

Size does not matter!

The era of grow boxes as big as refrigerators is over!

The compact and beautiful design of Linfa allows anyone to grow plants at home, with style.

Smell-less & Discrete

Thanks to the active carbon air filter and the optional blackout windows, your cultivation will be completely smell-less and hidden from curious eyes.

Included accessories

Perfect results. Everytime!

Get your flowers all year round with no effort.

Legal Cannabis Kits*





5 Grow pods 5 Grow pods
3 Nutrients caps 3 Nutrients caps
Classic growing profile Booster growing profile
Activated carbon filter Activated carbon filter
--- 3 Boosters
--- Enhanced growing tips
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*DISCLAIMER: The Linfa Legal Cannabis Kit has been conceived solely to enable growing a "legal" variety of Cannabis, from certified seeds as having a THC concentration lower than 0.2% and only for the uses permitted by the law; this variety is the "Finola". Be careful: the legality of cultivation of this variety has been assessed only in Italy and at the time of publication of this web page. Please check what is legal to grow in your country, if anything. Only certain varieties of plants can be grown in Linfa, they must have the following characteristics: autoflowering, height 60cm, life cycle 60-70 days. We remind you that the use of substances containing THC even in low concentration could be dangerous for your health, in particular if protracted, and that (in Italy) producing or selling inflorescences or resins is not permitted, please check local laws. We do not represent nor warranty that this Linfa Kit can be legally used in your Country.